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3 common typography mistakes to avoid

One of the most important aspects of designing wedding invitations and envelopes is choosing the right typography. It's about more than just picking the right typefaces. You also have to decide how much weight to apply, the opacity of the letters, the spacing of each line and the layout of the text itself.

Because there are so many aspects to consider when designing type, many novices will make mistakes that can dramatically affect the quality of their work. Creative Bloq, a creative news and advice site, recently listed some common mistakes that you should avoid when you're working on design projects:

  • Centering everything: You should only center text when it's necessary for the layout of your project. As it happens, wedding invitations frequently feature centered text, but that doesn't mean this is always the right thing to do. Centered paragraphs are harder to read, so for critical information it may be prudent to have your text aligned to the right margin.
  • Spacing twice after the end of a sentence: You only need to put one space between the period of one sentence and the first letter of the next. Double-spacing was common when typewriters were used, but is no longer necessary.
  • Using too many typefaces and weights: If you crowd your project with too many fonts, you will confuse your reader and make it more difficult for them to read the invitation. Typically you'll want to limit yourself to three different weights and typefaces.

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