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3 creative ways to seal envelopes

The vast majority of wedding invitations are stuffed into envelopes without a lot of thought put into how the envelopes themselves are sealed. But if you'd like to put a finishing touch on the invitations you've designed that will make them distinct from other stationery, you should definitely consider sealing the envelopes in a unique way!

Pam Gaulin, a Yahoo! contributor, recently provided some excellent tips for unconventional ways to seal envelopes. Here are her best ideas:

  • Button: It will be easier to do this if you're using vellum paper or another tougher material for your envelopes. Sewing a button to each wedding envelope and cutting a slit in the flap so that it seals is an adorable touch that will definitely appeal to clients.
  • Thread: Once again, this is more easily accomplished with durable stationery, but sewing your envelopes shut adds a nice touch. It may take some time to do it for each envelope, but the results will be stunning!
  • Wax: This is how envelopes used to be sealed before they were manufactured with adhesive. Simply melt some wax from a crayon or colored candle onto the flap of the envelope, then press it with a stamp that has a unique insignia on it.

Although an interesting envelope seal is only a small part of the overall design, your clients will be pleased with the attention to detail. They'll also appreciate it if you use high quality paper stock from a company like Reich Paper, as it signifies that you prioritized artistry at every step of your design process in delivering them stationery that they can be proud of.