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3 reasons to send a New Year's card

With Christmas and Hanukkah past and the new year practically here, many are looking forward to the "light at the end of the holiday tunnel," Alexandra Rosario Kelly of The Huffington Post writes. However, one important to-do item remains: writing and sending your holiday cards.

As Peggy Post from The Emily Post Institute explains to the The Huffington Post, people are increasingly choosing to send New Year's greetings to their loved ones in place of the traditional December holiday card. Here are some reasons you may want to consider following suit:

  • December can be chaotic: Many of us are juggling multiple obligations during the holidays, whether that's hosting, traveling or shopping for friends and relatives. Often you want to send cards but the item simply gets lost amid other tasks. Give yourself a breather by writing your cards after the holidays. Not only will you have more time, you'll also be more relaxed to craft the perfect message for each of your recipients. 
  • You can send friends your best wishes for the new year: There's something to be said for "starting out fresh and approaching the new year with a greeting," says Post. Plus, it is fun to both send and receive holiday cards. 
  • You're less rushed: You have some leeway in terms of when you send your New Year's greeting. Anything within the first week or two qualifies as a New Year's card, Post says. The point is to keep in touch with friends and family, and a holiday card is the perfect gesture for affirming that relationship. 

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