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3 scrapbooking tips for beginners

If you have a ton of old photographs that you'd like to arrange and place into a scrapbook, then you've come to the right place. At Reich Paper, we have a large selection of cardstock paper, which can be used for a number of craft projects, including your first scrapbook collection.

For those visitors who have never put one of these items together before, here are a few tips for first-time scrapbookers:

  • Get organized first: Many families have thousands of pictures that would be great additions to any scrapbook, but having this many to choose from can be overwhelming. Make sure you organize them into themes, such as parties, holidays and lifecycle events (weddings, bar mitvahs, etc.).
  • Try to incorporate accordion pages: These are pages in your scrapbook that fold out to allow for more space. They're terrific if you want to fit more photographs and other items onto one page but don't have room. Reich Paper features a number of paper stock options that are ideal for folding applications.
  • Use pockets to add depth: Every now and then, you can create a pocket on a scrapbook page where you can insert just about any memento, whether it's an old travel brochure from your favorite vacation, an invitation to a party you attended or a ticket to a concert.

However you decide to approach your scrapbook project, make sure that you're using only the best quality fine paper. This will ensure that your scrapbook lasts many years so that you can share it with children, grandchildren and anyone else who is interested in learning about your family history. You can find high-quality paper by shopping at Reich Paper!