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3 tips for choosing stationery for you or your business

It is more important than ever that American professionals choose their business stationery with care. With so few people investing in quality correspondence materials in today's digital age, the paper you choose inevitably makes a lasting impression. Cheap, unattractive stationery can make you seem unreliable and careless. On the other hand, well-made, high-quality paper inspires confidence and respect. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your stationery: 

Focus on quality

Remember that professional stationery, whether for you or your business, is truly an investment. The paper you choose will represent you and your entire company, so it is worth using the best quality you can find. 

Simple is best

The more conservative your industry and company, the more conservative your stationery should be. When in doubt, FOX Business recommends choosing an acid-free fine paper in white or ivory. We think you will love our Reich Savoy Paper line, a high-quality cotton option that blends old world elegance with modern sophistication. This crisp, fresh and dignified paper never fails to impress. Available in Bright White, Brilliant White and Natural White, with matching envelopes, the Savoy Paper works well with ink jet and laser printing as well as calligraphy. 

Think outside the box

On the other hand, if you work in a creative field you can take a slightly less formal approach. If you're interested in subtle pastel shades, explore our ODEON line. Made using textured felt, ODEON specialty paper is thick and luxurious. If you are using an ink jet or laser printer, Reich Paper's SHINE shimmering metallic line offers a wide-range of saturated colors for a bold, fun and memorable look.