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3 tips for designing the perfect corporate letterhead

Designing the perfect letterhead for your corporate stationery is important because it represents your company's brand visually. If potential clients and business partners receive correspondence from your business or organization, whether it's a large corporation or a small firm, the design of the letterhead should reinforce the idea that you are a leader in the industry and have the highest professional standards.

If your employer has asked you to redesign your letterhead and you've never done this before, here are a few tips:

  • Keep the information front and center: The most important function of a letterhead is the contact information for your employer. These days, it's also a good idea to add a Twitter, Facebook and YouTube icon somewhere on the page to indicate to readers that your company is active in social media.
  • Print on high quality printing paper: If clients receive correspondence from your company and it is printed on low quality printing paper, then it sends a message to the reader that your business is more concerned with saving money and not putting out a good product. Make sure to use paper with more weight and texture, as it will feel more substantial and elegant to your audience.
  • Use the right software: Programs like InDesign offer the most freedom when you are creating a letterhead, as they give you the ability to draw precise logos and alter the text to your satisfaction. Software like Microsoft Word is less than ideal, as it is primarily meant for writing, not producing graphic art.

Corporate designers who are looking to make the best product possible for their clients and employers should definitely keep Reich Paper in mind when trying to find the perfect cotton paper for their stationery. Our Savoy collection offers a tremendous amount of flexibility in terms of color, and will make your letterhead even more stylish and impressive.