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Are we shifting to "mute" typefaces?

Simplicity certainly has its place in graphic design. However, the age of Apple has sparked a love affair with white space and sans serif that can feel ironically restrictive, given how informal and airy these design elements often are. Even in-house and freelance designers who typically veer from this aesthetic may return to it time and time again to satisfy their clients. 

In light of this overwhelming trend, one renowned graphic designer has decided to take a stand.

"The need for compatibility between different digital platforms has created a trend of sterile, uniform design - the 'Helvetica aesthetic' that rules anything from signs to labels to logos today," writes Alan Peckolickin an Op-Ed for Creative Bloq. "Letterforms can handle a lot more than just spelling out words. They can actually express rage, joy, impatience; they can show movement, flexibility and plumpness; they can be critical or praiseworthy."

For the most part, design projects that are intended for digital consumption have to be simple, since readers are constantly bombarded with various messaging on their devices. When you work with paper stock, though, you can truly play upon the richness of typeface without fear of losing the reader's attention. That's not to say that the 'Helvetica aesthetic' doesn't have its place, but simply that you as an artist may enjoy more options as well.

At Reich Paper, we offer a wide range of custom envelopes, shimmer paper, letterpress stationery and other card stock to bring out every nuanced element of your designs. Just as typeface can tell a story, so does the paper it is emblazoned upon.