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Bringing Letter Writing Back

Paper Chronicles

We were so happy when we stumbled upon The Paper Chronicles fantastic idea of a letter writing campaign.  Who doesn't like receiving a hand written note in the mail now a days?  If you're a paper person like we all are here at Reich Paper, you get it and want to be involved. The campaign started as a way to get people talking about paper and corresponding the good old fashioned way using gorgeous stationery printed on amazing paper.  We sent a notecard letterpress printed using two colors on SAVOY 100% Pure Cotton Brilliant White 118# Cover paper, illustration by Naomi Brown and Design by Stislow Design.  

              Sarah, of The Paper Chronicles, loved our paper and notecard and did a beautiful write up on her blog and sent a thoughtful handwritten thank you note letterpress printed in our own backyard in Brooklyn.                 In addition, we received a set of cards from  UWP Luxe,  just for participating in the campaign, so you can be sure more hand written notes will be going out to our friends in the future.  
SAVOY 100% Cotton Paper


  Though originally designed for letterpress stationery, SAVOY also offsets and digitally prints beautifully. Its strong formulation, yet soft flexibility allow for strikingly clean and crisp folding, blind embossing, foil stamping and engraving. SAVOY 80# text and matching envelopes are ink jet, laser and calligraphy compatible.


At Reich Paper, our commitment to the highest quality specialty paper products blends with an unrivaled dedication to sustainability, and both of these values are reflected in every step of our production process. SAVOY is tree free and made from 100% cotton linters, which are left over from the textile industry. It is acid free, recyclable, biodegradable, and elemental chlorine free.