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"Flat" Logos Reign Supreme

Earlier this year, we covered the somewhat disappointing redesign of the Yahoo! logo. It's true that designers must walk a fine line with corporate logos, respecting the history of a well-known image while attempting to infuse modernity and innovation. The widely publicized attempt to rejuvenate the brand fell flat among designers and the general public, lacking the commitment to truly make an impact. As such, it's no surprise that the tech company did not make the cut in the top 10 list of corporate logo redesigns published by Business Insider this week.

Ironically, "flat" designs actually represented the best emblematic changes of the year, according to the source.

"'Flat' was king in 2013. The days of shadowing and embossing are gone, meaning most brands are turning away from 3D effects," Business Insider states.

Major labels including Arby's, Motorola and the WNBA opted to strip down the bells and whistles and create simple, clean, mobile-friendly logos. Sans-serif typefaces are a must for these designs, adding to the no-frills, uncluttered feel.

Based on these designs, it seems like 2014 will be dominated by simplistic logos. But what is contributing to this desire to strip bare? One theory is that consumers are so inundated with corporate imagery that industries across the board are doing their part to turn down the noise. Whatever the reason, if you are partial to pared-down designs, you need a canvas that can speak for itself. At Reich Paper, we specialize in artisan paper stock that lends an elegance to corporate stationery, wedding papers and other missives.