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Paper Wanderlust

I had a great day at A. Marcus Group this week. It's always such a thrill visiting them.  Penny Goldstein and Angele Middleton get so excited about Reich Paper!  I brought some SAVOY envelope samples to be included in the swatch book that AMG assembles for Hermes in Paris. Penny gave me samples of our paper used for such beautiful invitations as well as packaging applications. The photo on the left is our SHINE paper used as a wrap, the photo on the right is a book cover letterpress printed by Soho Letterpress on SAVOY Grey 118# Cover. It is outstanding! Unfortunately the camera on my iPhone don't do either justice. Penny showed me the limited edition box in which Oprah's 15th Anniversary publication was presented. Here's the link. Unfortunately they do not show the box here, but it is gorgeous and wrapped with our SHINE Silver Text. I leave A. Marcus Group with more samples than I go with!  Thanks for an incredible day. Duke