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Sweet Card Printed on Tree Free AVEO paper


We enjoyed receiving this "sweet" holiday card from our good friends at Precise Continental.  It's absolutely adorable and put a smile on all of our faces.  The dual purpose card can also be used as an ornament, brilliant!

Matching Aveo Envelope in Brown Sugar size A7

What makes this card so clever is the double entendre, they designed and printed this little gingerbread man on Reich Paper AVEO paper which is made of sugarcane pulp.  Precise Continental chose the brown sugar color and we love how the red and white foil stamped colors look on the 118# cover stock card. They really pop and the register embossing  gives it a 3D effect.  AVEO, which is recyclable, biodegradable, acid free and elemental chlorine free is an environmentally friendly choice and comes in white sugar as well.

Foil stamp 2 - Colors with register emboss on front

Offset printed 1 - color on back of card

Stock was mounted and die cut

AVEO is manufactured from 90% sugarcane stalks after they are crushed to extract their juice to make sugar. This sustainable and renewable resource, also known as Bagasse, has traditionally been burned or placed in a landfill.The balance 10% of AVEO is a combination of linen and hemp which are both left over from the textile industry. This material would also end up in a landfill if it were not used to make AVEO. The linen and hemp are added for increased strength and better foldability.  AVEO 80# text and matching envelopes are also available and are ink jet and laser compatible.

Precise Continental offers exceptional quality in printing and specialty manufacturing, dedicated customer service, environmentally sound practices and a business minded approach to all of its projects.  

Happy Holidays