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'Tis the season to get kitschy: Sidestepping cliche this holiday

Thanksgiving signaled the start of the holiday season, and designers everywhere are hurriedly drawing up templates for holiday cards, invitations, menus and other paper products for private and corporate events. But, as festive as this time of year can be, it can be incredibly frustrating if you're stuck with the same trite tropes. 

With that in mind, Design Modo recently provided a few suggestions to tap into the holiday spirit in your designs without all of the usual bells and whistles. Though this guidance is geared towards web designers, these pointers definitely hold weight for paper products as well.

First - Choose an off-beat color scheme.

Red and green are common choices for holiday papers, but the website also suggests a palette that conveys the season a bit more subtly.

"A color scheme that uses cool tones, such as blues, purples and greens can have a more 'wintery' feel than warmer hues. This association is connected to the winter weather themes that are often associated with the holiday season," the source states.

Second - Inspire a warm fuzzy feeling with intricate script.

Typefaces that have a hand-written quality automatically evoke feelings of good will and nostalgia, which is a great way to conjure up the holidays without covering your missives with snowflakes and jingle bells - not that those embellishments don't have their place! 

However you decide to approach your holiday notifications, remember that the paper stock can have a big impact on how the recipient feels when they first open that envelope. What could be more classic yet understated than an ornate letterpress invitation on Reich Paper's SAVOY line?