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Try this easy networking trick

We've previously discussed on this blog how writing thank you notes to business contacts can set you apart from your professional peers and help you advance in your career. So few people take the time to write notes by hand that it is sure to make a lasting impression, whether you are thanking a potential employer for an interview or reaching out to a former coworker you have not seen in a while. 

We also recently mentioned how Peter Gasca wrote in Entrepreneur magazine that he likes to tuck a business card inside every business-related thank you note. This is a great touch that subtly and tactfully invites your contact to keep you in mind for future networking and collaborative opportunities without being pushy or obnoxious. Here are some tips to follow if you decide to take Gasca's advice: 

  • Don't ask for favors: Include your business card without comment. Explicitly asking for professional favors can seem opportunistic and may be off-putting. 
  • Invest in matching business cards and stationery: This is a small detail that can make all the difference. Commissioning matching business cards, stationery and custom envelopes shows that you are a sophisticated professional with discerning taste and an unerring attention to detail. We recommend our popular Savoy line, which is available in several work-appropriate, neutral shades and comes in a variety of weights and sizes. 
  • Use the best paper and pen possible: Remember that your business card and personal correspondence represent your personal brand. Invest in the highest-quality pen that you can afford and only use 100 percent cotton paper

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