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What's your Paper Persona?


This week Reich Paper is excited to be a part of the Veritiv Chicago Paper Show.

The largest graphic design event in the U.S. sponsored by a paper distributor, the show attracts approximately 800 prominent designers and commercial printers from one of the leading graphic arts markets in the country.  This year, the show's theme is PAPER PERSONA - discover yours #paperpersona. We think this is a great opportunity to get people talking about paper and presents a forum to discuss not only the process behind paper but the unique attributes of various papers on the market.  "It reinforces the concept that for every personality out there wanting to be expressed, there's a paper to match, "  says Andre Dembitz, Director of Specification, for Veritiv-Chicago. Reich Paper will be featured among some of the world's leading paper companies and we look forward to sharing the various paper personas we have to offer.  Come find Duke Reich at the show and learn more about the PAPER PERSONAS we offer.