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Why Designers and Printers Love SAVOY

Reich Paper's SAVOY has become a favorite of designers and printers across North America. Its luxurious finish and adaptability for various print projects make it the ideal canvas for the latest innovations in print and production. When designers and printers choose SAVOY for their very own business cards and stationery you know it is an outstanding paper.

SAVOY is environmentally responsible. It is tree free, archival, acid free, recyclable, biodegradable and element chlorine free. Made from 100% pure cotton, SAVOY blends old world elegance with new world sophistication making it the perfect choice for a wide range of projects from greeting cards and invitations to hang tags and luxury packaging.  Its strong formulation, yet soft flexibility allow for strikingly clean and crisp folding (no cracking), blind embossing, foil stamping, thermography and engraving offset printing and even calligraphy.

SAVOY envelopes


The newest addition to the SAVOY family is Grey, a modern yet classic color that we are seeing everywhere from the world of weddings to corporate communications. Though originally designed for letterpress stationery, SAVOY is surface sized which means it also offsets and digitally prints beautifully. Laser: SAVOY is suitable for laser printing. As for any paper, pretesting is eessential as performance may vary from one printer to another.

SAVOY 100% Cotton Paper


Ink Jet: SAVOY is suitable for both monochrome and color ink jet printing, but results may vary from one printer to another. As always, it is important to pretest on the actual printer to be used. Digital: SAVOY 80# Text, 92# Cover and 118# Cover have been successfully run on Xerox iGen, Kodak NexPress, Konica Minolta, as well as most other toner based digital presses. Though our SAVOY Brilliant White Digital HP 118# Cover and Natural White Digital HP 118# Cover sheets are too thick to attain HP certification, we stock both in 19 x 13 and 18 x 12, both of which can produce beautiful results with HP Indigo digital presses.