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Entrepreneur: Handwritten notes speak louder than emails

A handwritten note packs a far bigger punch than an email or social media message, business strategist Peter Gasca recently wrote in business magazine Entrepreneur. Like most of us, Gasca receives dozens of email every hour, making each digital message he opens less memorable than the last. 

"Instead, what I remember these days are the occasional and rare handwritten notes I receive via 'snail mail,'" Gasca writes. "I find that a gesture as simple as a handwritten note has a much greater and memorable impact than any electronic message I send. Though the task of hand-writing cards may seem time consuming and hardly worth the effort, it does not need to be."

Gasca offers the following helpful tips for those who struggle with composing notes by hand: 

  • Be yourself: Even if it's a business-related note, let your personality shine through. Matt Richards, who co-founded a greeting card company, says he likes to use a signature pen to help set his missives apart. 
  • Share your business card: While this is not the time or the place to ask for favors or explicitly solicit new business, it's a good idea to tuck one of your business cards inside the note. 
  • Simple is best: Your corporate stationery should be simple, classic and elegant. We recommend our popular Savoy line, available in several business-appropriate, neutral colors and in various weights and sizes. Bold, brightly-colored or patterned paper is fine for personal correspondence, but it is typically inappropriate in a professional setting. 
  • Stock up: The best step you can take toward writing more thank you notes is to stock up on high-quality supplies. Invest in a nice pen and shop Reich Paper for fine stationery paper and matching envelopes and be sure to invest in a nice pen.