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Reich Paper Frequently Asked Questions



Full Carton Quantities:  Full-carton quantities of our paper and envelopes are available through authorized Reich Paper distributors throughout North America. Find your local Reich Paper distributor here


We realize that some paper industry terms and measures may be confusing, so we thought we would provide here a basic glossary of terms, as they relate to our grades HERE. 

What is the difference between text and cover? Text weight paper is the category of lighter paper generally used for stationery, flyers and envelopes. Cover weight paper, also known as cardstock, is the category of heavier paper used for products such as posters, menus, folders, business cards and invitations. The typical paper found in copy machines is 50# text, and a typical business card is 80# cover. 

Do your paper colors match Pantone Colors? No. Each color is unique to our own “recipe” and has been manufactured to enhance the application of inks, foils, engraving inks, thermography and digital printing. 


Our papers print easily offset, digitally and on laser or ink-jet printers. For example our SHINE paper and envelopes perform beautifully on laser printers, but every paper isn't suitable for every printing process. There are things you and your printer need to know and can do to ensure the cleanest, most successful print project possible. Some papers do require specific inks and handling techniques, to better assist you we’ve assembled printing and handling hints for all of our specialty papers and envelopes. You can find these hints on the product detail pages for each of our grade lines. 

The following papers are certified for use on HP Indigo:

SHINE Champagne Digital 80# Text and 107# Cover
SHINE Silver Digital 80# Text and 92# Cover
SHINE Pearl Digital 80# Text and 107# Cover

Although SAVOY Brilliant White Digital HP 118# Cover and SAVOY Natural White Digital HP 118# Cover are not certified for use on HP Indigo as they are too thick, they run beautifully on HP Indigo digital presses and are stocked in 18 x 12, 19 x 13, and 20.75 x 29.4375 sheet sizes.

For toner-based digital presses: Our standard SHINE, ODEON and SAVOY papers are ideally suited for most toner-based digital presses including Xerox iGen, Xerox DocuColor, Xerox 800/1000, and Kodak NexPress.

Do you offer printing services? We specialize in selling paper and are not able to offer printing services.